I live in sunny San Diego, and am one of the rare natives. I have an amazing wife and a new child, who has become a favorite photographic subject. My education is in Physics, and I am a professional software developer for a large pharmaceutical company.

When I am not out photographing things, working, or playing with my daughter, I enjoy scuba diving and being outdoors.


The evolution of my photography has been what might be best described as "organic". It just sort of grew, in its own way, from a very casual and passing interest, into a legitimate hobby, and now into a second profession.

I started, as most people do these days, with a simple point-and-shoot digital camera. Then, as my photographic aspirations ran into the limitations of my current camera, I got a better camera. This happened every few years, as I advanced in skills, features, and megapixels. The big leap was when I ventured into the world of digital SLRs. With their massively improved picture quality relative to the point-and-shoots I had been using, my photography improved by leaps and bounds.

Much like my interest in "topside" photography, my interest in underwater photography evolved naturally. I have always loved the ocean and have enjoyed visiting some of the most amazing and far-flung corners of the underwater world. I wanted to be able to keep some tangible memories, so I purchased an underwater housing for one of my cameras. This is a whole new photographic world, and a new set of challenges. I have enjoyed the adventure immensely.

As I showed my images to others, an increasing number of friends were telling me, "You should sell these!" Once those voices got loud enough, I started to believe them, and Dan Gehlhaar Photography was born.


My main topside camera is a Canon 50D with a variety of consumer- and professional-grade lenses.

In the underwater world, the vast majority of my pictures were captured with a Canon A710 IS camera in a Canon housing. I recently purchased an Ikelite housing and DS-160 strobe for my (older) Canon 30D SLR, and look forward to the benefits and challenges of using an SLR underwater. No more big digital preview!

A side note on camera brands: I am not, as would appear, a Canon loyalist. I have owned my fair share of Nikon cameras. Like many things in my life, the all-Canon thing sort of just happened.